Supratarka Activities

「高校生 地球市民会議」のリーダー会議(第1回)First Leaders Meeting for "Global Communication for High School Students"

 9月5日に、「高校生 地球市民会議」のリーダー会議を開催しました。
 今回が初めてのリーダー会議となります。参加者は3つのグループに分かれ、SNS(LINE GROUP)を活用しながら交流や議論を行っていきます。そこで各グループのまとめ役としてリーダーを募集し、手を挙げてくれた参加者からリーダーを選出しました。

The first Leaders Meeting for "Global Communication for High Scool Students" was held on September 5th.This was the first meeting for leaders. Participants are divided into 3 groups, and will carry out cultural exchange and discussion with SNS (LINE GROUP). Then, we recruited leaders to facilitate activities among each group, and selected leaders from the participants who raised their hands.
In the self-introduction of leaders, there were expressions such as "This kind of opportunity to discuss the global environment is very meaningful.'' and "It is a valuable opportunity to have discussions with people of the same generation on a global scale''.
We expect each group to be developed their communication and discussion with volunteer leaders.