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「高校生地球市民会議」を無事開催 "Global Communication for High School Students 2022" was held successfully.

9月25日(日)に「2022年 高校生地球市民会議」を無事開催しました。

We've held "Global Communication for High School Students 2022" on September 25th successfully.
Participants from different countries gathered on a screen and discussed together.

テーマ:「この問題どう解決したらいいですか? 知恵を貸してください!」

Theme: “How can I solve this problem? Please share your wisdom!”
              (Let's share ideas about Earth-friendly things that each of us are concerned about.)

期 日:2022年9月25日(日) September 25th (Sun) 日本時間14:00 - 17:00

参加者:各国の高校生 High School Students (15 - 18 years old)

Nationality: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Egypt, India, Korea

会 場:各家庭 from home


At this time, participants were working on SNS(LINE) with words in advance.
Participants are divided into 3 groups, and introduced themselves and exchange topics of daily life and also discuss together according to the theme on SNS.
After that, we had the plenary session.
This time, instead of summarizing the discussion, we decided to introduce each other's thoughts on environmental issues. In that sense, the discussion was not very much focused on a certain topic.


二酸化炭素を削減する行動をしたらポイントがもらえる仕組みを作ったらどうか? (例えば、公共交通機関を利用したりエコバッグを利用したら、ポイントがもらえるなど。)

マレーシアでは、「No Plastic Monday」がある。


Here are some of the discussions:

<Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions>
The increase in carbon dioxide also affects the oceans, causing "ocean acidification." As a countermeasure, why not relocate the factory and keep it away from the sea?
How about introducing a “carbon tax”?
I think developed countries should take more responsibility because they emit a lot.
What we can do is plant trees and increase greenery in order to absorb carbon dioxide.
We can make a system where we can get "points" if we act to reduce carbon dioxide. (For example, if we use public transportation or use eco bags, we can get points.)

<about the problem of plastic waste>
We should appeal more to big companies.
In Malaysia, there is "No Plastic Monday".
I hope that biodegradable plastics will spread quickly.

<about garbage problems>
The mask is not easily disassembled. Then we better use disposable masks and reusable masks rationally.

「高校生 地球市民会議」のグループ会議 Group Meeting for "Global Communication for High School Students"

 9月10日と12日に、「高校生 地球市民会議」グループごとの会議を開催しました。
 各グループごとに、既にSNS(LINE Group)上では自己紹介や学校の話などの交流が始まっています。3つのグループに分かれて交流しています。まずは、お互いの顔合わせという意味で、今回ミーティングを行いました。

Group Meetings for "Global Communication for High Scool Students" were held on September 10th and 12th.
Exchange activities are already started on SNS (LINE Group) in 3 groups. They held these meetings so that they could see each other.
They are going to have discussions on SNS according to the theme from this week.




「高校生 地球市民会議」のリーダー会議(第1回)First Leaders Meeting for "Global Communication for High School Students"

 9月5日に、「高校生 地球市民会議」のリーダー会議を開催しました。
 今回が初めてのリーダー会議となります。参加者は3つのグループに分かれ、SNS(LINE GROUP)を活用しながら交流や議論を行っていきます。そこで各グループのまとめ役としてリーダーを募集し、手を挙げてくれた参加者からリーダーを選出しました。

The first Leaders Meeting for "Global Communication for High Scool Students" was held on September 5th.This was the first meeting for leaders. Participants are divided into 3 groups, and will carry out cultural exchange and discussion with SNS (LINE GROUP). Then, we recruited leaders to facilitate activities among each group, and selected leaders from the participants who raised their hands.
In the self-introduction of leaders, there were expressions such as "This kind of opportunity to discuss the global environment is very meaningful.'' and "It is a valuable opportunity to have discussions with people of the same generation on a global scale''.
We expect each group to be developed their communication and discussion with volunteer leaders.


「青年 地球市民会議」の最終スタッフ打合せ(第7回)Last Staff meeting for "Global Communication for Youth"

 7月3日(日)に、「青年 地球市民会議」の最終スタッフ会議を開催しました。



The last staff meeting for "Global Communication for Youth" was held on July 3rd.
It was the first time to organize this kind of volunteer staff system. Then it was not easy to run, but it was really worthwhile.
It seems to be suitable for this generation to organize a program with volunteer staff members. They said they enjoyed it although it was hard works.

We really appreciate all staff members. Thank you very much.

「青年地球市民会議」を無事開催 "Global Communication for Youth 2022" was held successfully.

6月26日(日)に「2022年 青年地球市民会議」を無事開催しました。



期 日:2022年6月26日(日) June 26th (Sun) 日本時間14:00 - 16:00

参加者:各国の青年 (basically 18 - 22 years old)  *8 students each.


 日本(全国) all over Japan

 タイ(チェンマイ) Chiang Mai, Thailand
          Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

 台湾(台南市) Tainan city, Taiwan

会 場:各家庭 from home

We've held "Global Communication for Youth 2022" on June 26th successfully.

Participants from 3 countries (Japan, Thailand, Taiwan) gathered on a screen and discussed together.

Theme: “What is your ideas to make world peace?”


<学校・地域 紹介> Introduction of School, Region



Group1 Proposal



Group2 Proposal



Group3 Proposal






There was not enough time for discussion at all.
Each group prepared well, and it took longer time to present it, then we didn't have enough time to discuss.
I felt pity, and we may extend duration of a conference among this generation next time.

We also tried some new trials this time. 2 volunteer staff joined from each country and organized together from the begining. It was not easy, but got many new ideas. One idea was that 3 groups of participants should be mixed with all nationalities. It seemed to be very good, and participants seemed to have enjoyed a lot in their groups before the main conference. LINE group seems to be helpful for them because they could communicate with words first.

We see the potential of online global communication at this conference again, and we will continue trying different approaches.

「世界が平和になるための方法を発明しよう!」 “Let's invent a way to make world peace!”

「2022年 小学生地球市民会議」での発表内容を紹介します。

Let us introduce presentatons of "Global Communication for Primary School Students 2022".
Theme: “Let's invent a way to make world peace!”

<日本 Japan> 「幸せの電話ボックス」 "The phone of happiness"

This is a telephone box in the shape of a bottle, because I wish the bottle will be filled with
It is called "The phone of happiness".

In the telephone box, there is a button. When you press the butten, it will connnect you to a person who also wants to talk on the phone of happiness through the phone center.
There is a donation box next to the telephone.
You can either donate money or items you want to donate into the box.
There is a poster of happiness and a bell in the box too.

The minimum donation amount can be from 10 yen. You can also donate any thing.

This is a picture of how you make a phone call.
It has an AI interpretation function, so that you can talk to any countries.
Once the call goes through, the bottle becomes opaque. It means you can't see through anymore.

After the phone call is over, if you feel happy, you can ring the bell. And the whole town will hear the sound of the bell, and the people will be filled with happiness.

This is how the telephone box connects your happiness around the world.

These are the posters of happiness. Those will be shared around the world.

This is another style of a bell.

<マレーシア Malaysia> 


1. This is our invention, Speed Portal. It is a machine that can teleport to other places.
2. It has special buttons and connected to power supply.
3. If I want to teleport, I have to press the buttons. Within few seconds, I will arrive to my destination. Now I want to show you how to use this machine.
4. Maximum of 3 persons can travel in this portal. There are 5 speeds in this portal.
5. The functions of this portal are
a) to travel to Japan and Taiwan to deliver our messages for peace. NO WAR, I LOVE PEACE.
b) We will let Japan and Taiwan to use this speed portal, but ... you have to pay us.
c) It really saves time and energy.
6. We guarantee you will be happy using our speed portal!

「DRONE 10-116」

1. This is our invention, Drone 10-116. It is combination of jet, helicopter and drone.
2. Our mission is to have NO WAR and SAVE THE WORLD.
3. It is made of tungsen. It has spacious cockpit and advanced medical equipment.
4. It can be used on land and water. It will help to find people who are injured. There are robot doctors and nurses in the drone. They can help them.
5. When there are no war, this drone can help people involved in car crash.
6. Now I will show you how to use this drone. (Pupils demonstrate)
7. This drone can carry about 1 to 5 people at once.
8. They will be 3 drones in each country. 3 in Malaysia, 3 in Taiwan and 3 in Japan.
9. We guarantee you will be happy using this drone!

<台湾 Taiwan>

「Borderless Amusement Park」

We will build an borderless amusement park with facilities for all ages, everyone can have fun and play together.
How to get to the Borderless Amusement Park? You can take the "Borderless elevator" from all over the world. This elevator can quickly enter and travel to all countries in the world. You can go to any country you want, and you can also enter Borderless amusement park through this elevator.

In the amusement park, the most special thing is that it will hold Olympic game, which is to cultivate human beings, through sport, and contribute to world peace. Since that the spirit of Olympics is no wars and world peace, all countries can have good relationship with others here.

「The screen where all place you can go!」

Our idea is to hold a meeting online with people around the world through anywhere door. Through the screen, you can visit the country you want to go, and we can also invite people to visit our own country.

Through this convenient portal, we can introduce our own country's culture, food, and famous tourist attracion to friends from all over the world, so that everyone can get to know our country better.

Smile is a good way of communictaion, we’ll use it as a communication tool. We welcome all friends to visit our country.

「小学生地球市民会議」を無事開催 "Global Communication for Primary School Students 2022" was held successfully.

6月5日(日)に「2022年 小学生地球市民会議」を無事開催しました。



期 日:2022年6月5日(日) Juner 5th (Sunday) 日本時間14:00 - 16:00

参加者:各国の小学生 (Primary School Students from 3 countries.) *10 students each.


 日本(全国) all over Japan  *今回は沖縄、兵庫の児童が参加

 マレーシア(ペナン) Penang, Malaysia
   Batu Kawan Primary School

 台湾(台南市) Tainan city, Taiwan
   Rihsin Elementary School(日新國民小學)

会 場:各家庭 from home

We've held "Global Communication for Primary School Students 2022" on June 5th successfully.

Students from 3 countries (Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan) gathered on a screen and discussed together.

The theme was “Let's invent a way to make world peace!”


Each idea was so good and well prepared. I am sure they all enjoyed communication.

 <学校紹介 School Introduction>

<お気に入りのもの紹介 My favorate item>

<世界が平和になるための方法を発明しよう! Let's invent a way to make world peace!>



<また会いましょう! See you!>


「青年 地球市民会議」第1回グループ会議開催 1st Group Meeting for "Global Communication for Youth"

6月5日(日)に、「青年 地球市民会議」第1回グループ会議を開催しました。


1st Group Meeting for "Global Communication for Youth" was held on June 5th.

Participants are exchanging messages among 3 groups. This is the fist group meeting. They re already discussing on LINE groups. It seemed to be a language barrier yet, but they tried to communicate to each other with the assistance of translator apps. They said they all enjoyed communication.
  *Actually staff won't join the meeging, then we couldn't to see it.

              <Group1 >

           <Group 2>

          <Group 3>

「小学生地球市民会議」事前研修を開催 Preparation meeting of "Global Communication for Primary School Students"



We held a preparation meeting for "Global Communication for Primary School Students" on May 29th.
Students from Hyogo and Okinawa joined in Japan.
Students from 3 countries will join. (Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan)
We discussed and shared ideas and opinions according to the theme "Let's invent a way to make world peace!"
This time, the translator of Japan side is a high school student as a volunteer.