Supratarka Activities

「高校生国際会議」を無事開催 "International Conference for High School Students 2020" was held successfully.

9月6日(日)に「2020年 高校生国際会議」を無事開催しました。


今回のテーマは、「世界の平和に向けて」(「Towards World Peace」)です。


期 日:2020年9月6日(日) September 6th (Sun) 日本時間14:00 - 16:00

参加者:各国の高校生 有志 (High School Students from 4 countries.)

 日本(沖縄) Okinawa, Japan:  Students from different schools.
 シンガポール Singapore: Kranji  Secondary School
 スリランカ Sri Lanka:  Parakramabahu National School
 フィリピン Philippines:  Ceriaco A. Abes Memorial National High School

会場:各家庭 from home

We've held "International Conference for High School Students 2020" on September 6th successfully.

Students from 4 countries (Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Philippines) gathered on a screen and discussed together.

The theme was “Towards World Peace”
              Through experiences of the threat of Corona virus, why do you think we need world peace?
              How do we develop world peace after the threat of Corona virus?

We orginazed a meeting where students participate individually from home.
It is valuable to share ideas under the threat of Coronavirus, because this crisis is really global.

They were exchanging ideas and opinions how we can develop world peace together quite actively.

シンガポールから頂いた写真です。 Photo from Singapore.

They were a little bit nervous at the begining.

Each side introduced their current situation under the threat of Corona virus.


Each side was quite active expressing their ideas and opinions.

It was actually difficult to find students who are ready to express their ideas, because of many small windows.


 After the conference, we held a summary all together to collect their impressions for today. They seemed to be very happy to have joined today's conference.