Supratarka Activities

「世界が平和になるための方法を発明しよう!」 “Let's invent a way to make world peace!”

「2022年 小学生地球市民会議」での発表内容を紹介します。

Let us introduce presentatons of "Global Communication for Primary School Students 2022".
Theme: “Let's invent a way to make world peace!”

<日本 Japan> 「幸せの電話ボックス」 "The phone of happiness"

This is a telephone box in the shape of a bottle, because I wish the bottle will be filled with
It is called "The phone of happiness".

In the telephone box, there is a button. When you press the butten, it will connnect you to a person who also wants to talk on the phone of happiness through the phone center.
There is a donation box next to the telephone.
You can either donate money or items you want to donate into the box.
There is a poster of happiness and a bell in the box too.

The minimum donation amount can be from 10 yen. You can also donate any thing.

This is a picture of how you make a phone call.
It has an AI interpretation function, so that you can talk to any countries.
Once the call goes through, the bottle becomes opaque. It means you can't see through anymore.

After the phone call is over, if you feel happy, you can ring the bell. And the whole town will hear the sound of the bell, and the people will be filled with happiness.

This is how the telephone box connects your happiness around the world.

These are the posters of happiness. Those will be shared around the world.

This is another style of a bell.

<マレーシア Malaysia> 


1. This is our invention, Speed Portal. It is a machine that can teleport to other places.
2. It has special buttons and connected to power supply.
3. If I want to teleport, I have to press the buttons. Within few seconds, I will arrive to my destination. Now I want to show you how to use this machine.
4. Maximum of 3 persons can travel in this portal. There are 5 speeds in this portal.
5. The functions of this portal are
a) to travel to Japan and Taiwan to deliver our messages for peace. NO WAR, I LOVE PEACE.
b) We will let Japan and Taiwan to use this speed portal, but ... you have to pay us.
c) It really saves time and energy.
6. We guarantee you will be happy using our speed portal!

「DRONE 10-116」

1. This is our invention, Drone 10-116. It is combination of jet, helicopter and drone.
2. Our mission is to have NO WAR and SAVE THE WORLD.
3. It is made of tungsen. It has spacious cockpit and advanced medical equipment.
4. It can be used on land and water. It will help to find people who are injured. There are robot doctors and nurses in the drone. They can help them.
5. When there are no war, this drone can help people involved in car crash.
6. Now I will show you how to use this drone. (Pupils demonstrate)
7. This drone can carry about 1 to 5 people at once.
8. They will be 3 drones in each country. 3 in Malaysia, 3 in Taiwan and 3 in Japan.
9. We guarantee you will be happy using this drone!

<台湾 Taiwan>

「Borderless Amusement Park」

We will build an borderless amusement park with facilities for all ages, everyone can have fun and play together.
How to get to the Borderless Amusement Park? You can take the "Borderless elevator" from all over the world. This elevator can quickly enter and travel to all countries in the world. You can go to any country you want, and you can also enter Borderless amusement park through this elevator.

In the amusement park, the most special thing is that it will hold Olympic game, which is to cultivate human beings, through sport, and contribute to world peace. Since that the spirit of Olympics is no wars and world peace, all countries can have good relationship with others here.

「The screen where all place you can go!」

Our idea is to hold a meeting online with people around the world through anywhere door. Through the screen, you can visit the country you want to go, and we can also invite people to visit our own country.

Through this convenient portal, we can introduce our own country's culture, food, and famous tourist attracion to friends from all over the world, so that everyone can get to know our country better.

Smile is a good way of communictaion, we’ll use it as a communication tool. We welcome all friends to visit our country.