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「中学生国際会議」を無事開催 "Global Communication for Junior High School Students 2021" was held successfully.

11月28日(日)に「2021年 中学生国際会議」を無事開催しました。


テーマ:「あなたは、どのような人になりたいですか? それはどうして?」

期 日:2021年11月28日(日) November 28th (Sunday) 日本時間14:00 - 16:00

参加者:各国の中学生 (Junior High School Students from 3 countries.) *10 students each.


 日本(全国) all over Japan

 タイ(チェンマイ) Chiang Mai, Thailand
   Hope Alive Foundation (NPO)

 台湾(台南市) Tainan city, Taiwan
   新東國民中學 (Shin Dong Junior High School)

会 場:各家庭 from home

We've held "Global Communication for Junior High School Students 2021" on November 28th successfully.

Students from 3 countries (Japan, Thailand, Taiwan) gathered on a screen and discussed together.

The theme was “What do you want to become in the future? and Why?”


<学校紹介> School Introduction

「あなたは、どのような人になりたいですか? それはどうして?」
“What do you want to become in the future? and Why?”


Everyone expressed their future plan or idea frankly. There were various ideas duting the meeting. It was intersting that many of their ideas were related to global environmental issues.


「将来プロ野球選手として活躍したい。」 *日本と台湾は盛り上がっていましたが、タイはそうでもない。どうやらタイでは野球があまり有名ではないようです。

"I want to become a professional baseball player."  *Thai students were not so much reacted. It seems that baseball is not so popular in Thailand.


"I want to become a painter or anime creator. I want to express something like global environmental issues."


"I want to become a politician, and try to solve social problems."


"I want to become an animal doctor, and save animals suffering around the world."


"I want to get a stable job like a civil officer, so that I can protect my family and give sufficient education to my children."


"I want to found a female fashion company. Because I want to show that I can do something good, and I want to make environment friendly products."




This time, Thai students were very cheerful and active. They speak in their native language like Japanese Thai and Chinese, but still they could communicate each other through translators, and they looked enjoyed it so much!